Socialist Republic of Viet Nam

Type of officeAddressContactE-mailInternet
Embassy1146 Budapest, Thököly út 41.Tel: 342-5583, 342-9922, Fax: 352-8798
Economic and Commercial Department1141 Budapest, Zsálya u. 28.Tel: 220-1189, 222-7039, Fax: 222-9112
Residence1146 Budapest, Thököly út 41.Tel: 343-3837, Fax: 352-8798

MonthDayNational holiday
September2.Proclamation of Vietnam's Independence

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ResidentNameRankPositionPresentation of CredentialsSpouse
 H. E. Mrs. Thi Bich Thao NGUYENAmbassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary 07/07/2021 
 Mr. Viet Tuan NGUYENCounsellor   
 Mr. Trong Ha LECounsellorPolitical Affairs Mrs. Minh Phuong VU
 Mr. Van Cong PHAMSecond CounsellorCommercial Affairs Thu Hien NGUYEN
 Mr. Viet Ha NGUYENFirst SecretaryConsul  
 Mr. Quoc Khanh HOANGFirst Secretary  Thi Kieu Lan NGUYEN
 Ms. Thi Thanh Thuy TONGFirst Secretary  Quang Dieu TRAN
 Mr. Luong Bang NGUYENFirst Secretary  Thi Trang Nhung DUONG
 Mr. Ngoc Ha TRANFirst Secretary  Mrs. Thi Huong Giang DINH
 Dr. Minh Thao CHUFirst Secretary   
 Mr. Thai Ha NGUYENSecond Secretary  Mrs. Thuy Chung VU
 Mr. Van Vinh NGUYENAttaché  Mrs. Thi Dung TONG
 Mr. Tuan Viet NGUYENFirst Secretary  Huyen My NGUYEN