Russian Federation

Type of officeAddressContactE-mailInternet
Embassy1062 Budapest, Bajza u. 35.Tel: 302-5230, Fax: 353-4164
Consular Department1062 Budapest, Andrássy út 104.Tel: 331-8985, 269-0823, Fax: 252-5077
Military and Air Force Attaché’s Representation1062 Budapest, Bajza u. 35.Tel: 269-0152, 332-4748, Fax: 353-4164
Trade Representation1062 Budapest, Bajza u. 42.Tel: 311-8884, 353-4685, Fax: 353-3246
Russian Cultural Centre1062 Budapest, Andrássy út 120.Tel: 332-2154, 302-2825, Fax: 312-2693
Residence1121 Budapest, Eötvös út 30.; 1062 Lendvay u.10.1. 353-0011; 2. 375-3984

MonthDayNational holiday
June12.Anniversary of the Adoption of the Declaration of the State Sovereignty of the Russian federation

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ResidentNameRankPositionPresentation of CredentialsSpouse
 H. E. Mr. Evgeny STANISLAVOVAmbassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary 21/04/2021Mrs. Anna STANISLAVOVA
 Mr. Valery LYAKHOVMinister-Counsellor  Mrs. Svetlana LYAKHOVA
 Mr. Ivan DARCHIEVCounsellor   
 Mr. Andrei NEROZINCounsellor   
 Mr. Yury CHERNIKOVFirst Counsellor  Mrs. Larisa CHERNIKOVA
 Mr. Sergei BEZRUKOVFirst Counsellor  Mrs. Iuliia BEZRUKOVA
 Ms. Irina ZVONOVAFirst Counsellor  Mr. Alexander GUSEV
 Mr. Eduard SOKOLOVFirst Counsellor  Irina SOKOLOV
 Mr. Pavel SOLOVEVFirst Counsellor  Anastasia SOLOVEVA
 Mr. Aleksei OVERCHUKSecond CounsellorConsultant  
 Ms. Alia AFONINACounsellor   
 Mr. Andrei KAPRANFirst Secretary   
 Mr. Valery NIKULINFirst Secretary   
 Mr. Nikolay FOKINFirst Secretary  Olga FOKINA
 Mr. Andrey ABRAMOVAttaché   
 Mr. Sergei MOROZOVFirst SecretarySecretary Mrs. Olga MOROZOVA
 Mr. Maxim ZNAMENSKIYFirst Secretary  Mrs. Yulia ZNAMENSKAYA
 Mr. Anton GORIEVSecond SecretaryConsul Agnia GORIEVA
 Mr. Viktor ZIMINSecond Secretary   
 Mr. Andrey RAKHMEEVDeputy Military and Air AttachéDeputy Military and Air Attaché Anastasia RAKHMEEVA
 Mr. Timur MAKHMUDOVThird Secretary   
 Mr. Alexander KURKOVFirst Secretary  Ekaterina BELOVA
 Mr. Valentin MIKHAYLOVFirst Secretary  Galina MIKHAYLOVA
 Mr. Aleksandr EGOROVThird Secretary  Elena EGOROVA
 Mr. Victor BURTSEVThird Secretary  Mrs. Ksenia BURTSEVA
 Mr. Alexander SUKHOVAttachéAttaché Natalia SUKHOVA
 Mr. Dmitrii ZAVARUEVAttaché   
 Mr. Mikhail POSADSKIIThird Secretary  Mrs. Elena MIKHAILOVA
 Mr. Nikita GORBACHEVAttachéAttaché  
 Mr. Vladimir TSYPINAttaché  Mrs. Natalia TSYPINA
 Mr. Egor SOKOLOVThird SecretarySecretary Daria SOKOLOVA
 Mr. Sergei LELIUKAttachéTrade Representative  
 Mr. Petr ABRAMOVSecond SecretarySecretary  
 Mr. Alexander BORISOVThird Secretary  Anastasia BORISOVA
 Mr. Sergei SOLOVEVAttachéDeputy Commercial Representative Mrs. Svetlana SOLOVEVA
 Mr. Artem BOBROVThird Secretary  Mrs. Iuliia BOBROVA
 Mr. Sherali MAMASOLIEVThird Secretary   
 Mr. Sergey BELOVAssistant Military Attaché  Inna BELOVA
 Mr. Maxim BEKESHAAttachéAttaché Mrs. Bekesha Tatiana
 Mr. Mikhail VASILEVAttaché   
 Mr. Victor CHIZHOVAttaché  Svetlana CHIZHOVA
 Mr. Igor BORISOVThird Secretary  Mrs. Polina BORISOVA
 Mr. Dmitry ZINOVThird Secretary  Mrs. Maria ZINOVA
 Ms. Lidia VILBITSKAYAThird Secretary   
 Mr. Konstantin ZUEVAttaché   
 Mr. Vsevolod BONDAREVAttaché  Mrs. Nadezhda BONDAREVA
 Mr. Artur SUSHKOVAttaché   
 Colonel Oleg SMIRNOVMilitary and Air Attaché  Mrs. Natalia SMIRNOVA
 Mr. Aleksandr KULAKOVAttaché  Mrs. Irina KULAKOVA