Republic of Cyprus

Type of officeAddressContactE-mailInternet
Embassy1051 Budapest, Dorottya u. 3.Tel: 266-1330, Fax: 266-0538
Cyprus Trade Centre1030 Vienna, Neulinggasse 37/4Tel: 0043-1/513-0634 Fax: 0043-1/513-0635
Residence1056 Budapest, Belgrád rkp 26. I/1Tel: 392-7057

MonthDayNational holiday
Oktober1.Independence Day

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ResidentNameRankPositionPresentation of CredentialsSpouse
 Ms. Meropi CHRISTOFI ChargĂ© d'Affaires e.p. Mr. Stefanos BOULASIKIS
ViennaMr. Zacharias TRITEOSCounsellor (Commercial)