People's Republic of China

Type of officeAddressContactE-mailInternet
Embassy1068 Budapest, Városligeti fasor 20-22.Tel: 413-2400, 413-2401, Fax: 413-2451
Protocol Department1068 Budapest, Városligeti fasor 20-22.Tel: 413-2400, 413-2401, Fax: 413-2451
Military Attaché’s Office1068 Budapest, Városligeti fasor 20-22.Tel: 413-2418, 413-2424, Fax: 413-2447
Economic and Commercial Department1068 Budapest, Benczúr u. 18.Tel: 413-3362, 413-3363, 413-3365, 413-3367, 413-3369, Fax: 413-3368
Cultural Department1068 Budapest, Városligeti fasor 20-22.Tel: 413-2410, Fax: 413-2449
Consular Department1068 Budapest, Benczúr u. 18.Tel: 413-3373, 413-3381, Fax: 413-3378
Residence1068 Budapest, Benczúr u. 17.Tel: 413-3372, Fax: 413-2451

MonthDayNational holiday
Oktober1.Anniversary of the Proclamation of the People's Republic of China

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ResidentNameRankPositionPresentation of CredentialsSpouse
 Mr. Bo LIUCounsellorDeputy Head of Mission  
 Mr. Zheng WANGCounsellorCultural Affairs Linjie BAI
 Mr. Bo LIUFirst Counsellor  Mrs. Shuo LI
 Mr. Xiaoguang GUOCounsellorCultural Affairs Mrs. Tao JIANG
 Ms. Hongmei LEIFirst Secretary (Consular Affairs)  Jian ZHANG
 Zhenhua LIUFirst Secretary  Mrs. Danni ZHAO
 Mr. Hongtao ZHAOFirst Secretary  Hua QI
 Ms. Yanxia ZHAOFirst Secretary  YUE WU
 Mr. Hua WUFirst Secretary  Yubo MA
 Ms. Xiaomin LIUFirst Secretary   
 Mr. Xuzhong LUFirst Secretary   
 Xinke LIFirst Secretary   
 Mr. Chun FENGFirst Secretary  Mrs. Yanling ZHANG
 Ms. Peijun LIUThird Secretary   
 Mr. Riyu GAOAttachéDeputy of Military Attaché Zhifei YANG
 Mr. Kezhen LIFirst SecretaryConsular Affairs Mrs. Li LI
 Mrs. Wen TANFirst Secretary   
 Mr. Xiaobo ZUOFirst Secretary  Mrs. Lei KUANG
 Mr. Zheng HUANGFirst Secretary  Lu ZHANG
 Mrs. Yang CAOThird Secretary   
 Mr. Hua QISecond Secretary   
 Mr. Zhigang YUSecond Secretary   
 Mr. Yi ZHOUSecond Secretary   
 Ms. Xinyi WANGSecond Secretary   
 Ms. Qin LIThird Secretary   
 Ms. Yan LIDeputy Defence AttachéAssistant Attaché for Defence  
 Mr. Zhenmin SHIThird Secretary   
 Ms. Ailing ZHUSecond Secretary   
 Mr. Tengfei MAAssistant AttachéAssistant of Military Attaché Meng ZHANG
 Mr. Qing LUOFirst Secretary   
 Wei LIUSecond Secretary   
 Mr. Te LIANGThird Secretary   
 Mr. Yue FENGThird Secretary  Tiantian CHEN
 Mr. Yuan CAOSecond Secretary  Yang LYU
 Ms. Yachao WANGSecond Secretary   
 Ms. Lina ANThird Secretary   
 Mr. Ruopeng WEIAttachéHead of the Administrative Department ZHU Qian
 Mr. Yanyang GAOAttaché   
 Ms. Shuxian BIANAttaché   
 Mr. Han QINAttaché   
 Ms. Jianan WANGAttaché  Haichao DANG
 Miss Min CHENGAttaché  Mr. You CHENG
 Ms. Xinzi LIUAttaché   
 Miss Yueming XIAOAttaché